Windows Installation Instructions

Download the jar file from here: SwiffeeWindows1.0.3


Firstly, install Swiffee Simulator on your laptop. You see a very simple GUI which includes the bot, a built-in IDE & Terminal. You can write single line codes from the terminal directly or code from the IDE. Moreover, the user has the option to either run the code on the bot or in the Simulator. If code is running on the bot, the animations will be in sync with the bot. To see an example of the code, go to "File" in the top left and then "Open" and open Example.txt or use the Swiffee API to code it on your own.

Other options are to control it using an iPhone using the Swiffee app or using a web browser (by directly opening the IP Address of the bot) or using an Xbox controller which is connected to the your laptop. You might need to select Xbox Control from the run menu to control it using an Xbox controller

Reporting Bugs:

If there is a problem, report the bug under "Help" and then click "Report a Bug". Alternatively, report bugs over here. We are also working on a feature to have the bugs get reported automatically.

Work Split:

Laksh works with the hardware and software regarding the robot such as communication and control systems for the robot. The Android App, IOS App, and Xbox controls are somethings that he leads, For more information related to this, Contact him

Megan works on the simulator and animations in the simulator. For any info related to that, Contact her

Want to know More?

Want to know more about how the simulator works? Read the Swiffee Documentation


This software has been licensed under the MIT License, For more information, read the License.

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